The payment for accommodation at the hotel is effected according to the PRICE-LIST considering

the usual check-out time -12.00 noon (local tune).

In case you check in during the period of the day of your arrival to the hotel from 12.00 noon to 06.00 a.m.,

the hotel stay charge for this day equals one day room charge. In case you check in during the period

of the day of your arrival to the hotel from 06.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon, the stay term for tlus day is charged


In case you check out within 12 hours after check-out time (12.00 noon), the hotel administration charges

you half of your daily room cost, and if you check out later than within 12 hours after checkout time, the hotel

 administration charges you your daily room cost.

In case you stay at the hotel less than 24 hours, and more than 12 hours your room charge equals 1 day room

charge, not considering the check-out time.

All cash payments for accommodation and for all supplementary services provided are effected in the form

of advance payment upon your arrival or in the form of paying to the reception clerk before you departure.

During all you stay term at our hotel you will be asked only to sign the bills for the services you had used.

All payments in our hotel in roubles.

Currency exchange office at our hotel provides a possibility to effect payments in roubles. The prices for all

services are calculated in USD. The total GUEST'S ACCOUNT issued by the receptionist before your

leaving is calculated in USD and in roubles according to the current official rate for the day of your departure.

All payments for all services provided are effected IN CASH ONLY (excepting the cases when a preliminary

agreement re another form of payment exists).

You will find all prices for all services in the PRICE-LIST

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